Representative Roles


Dannia Contreras

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Amerilife… it’s pretty great so far. Yes, it’s a little stressful because we’re still in CTI trainings, but we will soon be out of here and onto out first project! With that, there comes much responsibility, team representative roles for example. SO, surprise surprise, I decided to apply to be a media representative! I also decided to apply for recruiter!

There are many different roles including:

  • Vehicle Safety and Tools officer (2 people)
  • Media Representative (2 people)
  • Recruiter (2 people)
  • Service Learning Initiators (2 people)
  • Project Outreach Liason (2 people)
  • Teambuilder (changes every round)
  • Yearbook rep (1 person)
  • Assistant Team Leader (could change as often as need be)


On Monday, we had our first rep role meetings with the peopl