Republican Team is Divided and Democrats Uncertain About Hillary



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The 1st caucuses and primaries for the 2016 Presidential vote have started and for the most part all the candidates for the 2016 presidency seem to be Republicans. The leading Republican winner by most is Donald Trump. There are fewer Democratic candidates. Hillary Clinton is one of them yet shes already tried to run back in 2008 against President Obama. People would only think she would be by far the popular one since considering her husband Bill Clinton was a former President and if she was elected she would be historically the first woman to be President of the United States.

Things don’t seem to be going her way at all. This is because she is a female and people have doubted females and their ability to lead our country for our entire history. That shouldn’t be the case.  She has a former president with her to help her guide her through the doubts of whats best for America. She has experience as a veteran politician and as former Secretary of State.

Trump must be winning because he is familiar face to a lot of Americans. In the quiz it seems to me that I share the same ideas with the democrats more than anything. This tells me that money, reality TV, and emotional headlines get people’s attention.  In the following links there are poll results comparing Clinton and Trump but what is interesting about recent elections is the influence of the media.  Here is a link that has been going around facebook and it shows hoe the social media and popular culture is different in different regions.  Candidates are favored in some regions but not others.