Respect Immigrants

“Think Before You Talk.”

Respect Immigrants
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This is a powerful quote that is important for all of us to remember. In the case of immigrants to the United States; many people judge without understanding.  Being lazy and being tired are two different things.  Young people finishing high school and supporting themselves economically work hard but it is not easy.

I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong. It is true this is not easy but it is not impossible. My days started there. My routine is 6:30 AM   and I finish this at 11:50 PM every single week day about the weekend I start my days at 5:00 AM and finish it at 5:00 PM. Many people have asked me why I work  a lot.

First of all, in this country there are many people who are like me. If they want to be someone in life they have to do efforts, but some fails because they are divided by the responsibilities with their families back in their native countries and survive in this country. I have seem many boys who left school because they want more money, or girls that choose to live with their boyfriend. They think that this will help them and there will be more shared responsibilities but many young men don’t like to support their girlfriend because they think their girlfriend can cheat on them.  It is a fact that teenage pregnancy overall is going down but these facts are different for young latina immigrants. Too many get pregnant and they can’t continue with school because of it.

Immigrants want a good education.  They are some of the hardest working students so if they miss school a lot is not because they don’t care, it is because they have to work until late and it’s hard to wake up in the morning or to concentrate in class.

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Back  in El Salvador, I grew up with my mom and my siblings and my family situation was complicated.  I have come to the United States for the equal opportunity of education.  This is a basic human right.  I plan to improve myself and improve my family’s situation.  America is stronger when it accepts hard working immigrants like me.