Reston; Suburban Growth Done Right

Reston; Suburban Growth Done Right


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Reston, is a well known planned community in Northern Virginia.It Was established in the early 1960s to begin residential development in suburban America. In 2012 , Reston has been ranked in the top 10 as the best place to live in over the last three years by CNN money magazine. The Reston town center, with over 1,000,000 square feet of office space, home to many high-rise commercial buildings, restaurants, shops, and even a cinema. Its the center of attention for Reston. The  population of the residential community was 58,404 in 2012and has probably grown since.

Reston  was named after its founder, Robert E. Simon who recently passed away due to old age on September 21, 2015. Reston remains a perfect example of a planned community, as it is designed in a way where all necessities are within walking distance. I live in an apartment complex known as “The Springs” in Reston,  Va and when I get hungry or when Im in the mood to eat a burger and some fries, I walk to the plaza right down the road near my house. When I need a hair cut or some groceries, I walk to the plaza right by my house. There is also a community center near by, for recreational purposes.I like to go there and play soccer and also the community center is a place where all kids gather and meet up. Reston is a safe community.


In the late 1950s and 1960s, following world war 2, America was onto the development of suburban communities. The baby boom era was one of the causes of development of suburban communities because there was a rapid growth in families grew, so did the population. The Levittown community, created by William Levit, is a good example of one of the first suburban communities to be successful, cheap, and affordable. After all the years of building suburban communities here and there, Reston is one of the communities that was accurately planned to meet the satisfaction of the people within the community.