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Homo sapiens are very complex. Our molecular structures continue to evolve and have evolved vastly throughout millions of years. In this exhilarating, unearthly video, Juan Enriquez talks about very interesting topics: the birth of stars, genetic deformities, cellular regrowth, mapping proteins, down loadable memories, rapid evolution of the brain…etc.
” Is autism the next step in human evolution?” At 14:02 Juan asks the question, ” Are we seeing rapid brain evolution?” He then backs this question up with an exertion of scientific theories as to why. Those theories being in relation to an increase in obesity at an early age, a difference in mating rituals, and a synthetic sensitivity to the brain and so forth.

I believe this to be true. 1 in every 68 children in the United States is born with “autism” today and these are just the children who have enough money for a formal diagnoses. In this video Juan also mentions an increase of mental disorders such as bipolar disorder. It is said that more than half of the nation is suffering from some kind of  depressive disorder and are taking some kind of medication for it. There are plenty of strange, mysterious, and unusual things going on out there. The only logical explanation for all of this is evolution in real time. Psychiatry is nothing but a very well, elaborated myth. A mutated reality of lies that has put more people in distraught than Snookie.

Here’s my outtake on this topic.

You have an entire series of mental disorders, and there’s even a manual full of them. You have drop out rates increasing, suicide rates increasing, and an increase need for psychiatric medication. Human beings have made slight progress in fixing these issues, I believe. However, why is it that children and students are STILL subjected to a linear educational pattern (Ken Robinson) in order to achieve the unacheivable, “American dream” (finish high school, go to college, marry, have kids, work for a vast majority of your life, retire, and then eventually die in peace). There’s massive educational inflation (Ken Robinson) taking place, and yet not much is going on in the educational system to attune to this mutation. Years ago a college education meant you had a job (Ken Robinson). Now, graduates with well earned degrees are working at fast food joints. We are evolving at an exponentially rapid pace. In order for our civilization to advance, in order for human beings to expect a bright future, we need to completely alter our methods of learning. We need to completely change our financial view of the world and strive for the better.

The most innovative, creative, and talented human beings are said to of had some sort of “disorder”. Or have been on the autistic spectrum.

Albert Einstein: Was described to be very introverted and had unusual tendencies. He would take old, used cigarette butts off the ground to smoke in his pipe. A true genius.

Michael Phelps: Adhd- his mother describes that his unusual bouts of energy and focus were because of this disorder. This is what brought him success.

Sia: A very eccentric, musically inclined genius who has written songs for Beyonce, Rihanna, and more artists. She hardly goes on tour with her two dogs, never shows her face, and makes millions of dollars just staying at home.

Jake Barnett: A 14 year old child prodigy who can recite 70 digits of Pi (on command) and openly talks about the fourth dimension, is autistic.

With the rapid increase of whack job geniuses ransacking the nation, it would only make sense to change the God dam% curriculum.

If you were to take away from the human language, entirely dismiss the use of labels (Autism, adhd, introversion, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, giftedness), and just look at our animistic qualities and behavioral patterns, then it’s fairly obvious that currently, a rapid genetic evolution is taking place. Now, how does this tie in with government today? Technically, science relates to government because science governs everything. Science governs what we believe to be true, our actions, understandings, and cellular structures. If we want diseases to be cured, technology to advance, and global crises fixed, we have to drastically change the curriculum to areas of studies that brings change to the world. Our children are the leaders of the future. In five years time we have no idea what the future will be like, so why are we trying so hard to educate ourselves for it (Ken Robinson)? The core democratic values demonstrated in this topic are the values of equality and truth. The government still prohibits the teachings of evolution in schools when ironically, there are hundreds of religion based schools all around the country. In order for our species to to succeed in the future, we have to leap outside of the boundaries and teach what is true: Evolution.

Below is my rough image of where we need to be focusing compared with the reality of where we actually are in the evolution of learning.







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