Richmond, VA a City of Turning Points

Richmond, VA a City of Turning Points


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Richmond, the capital of Virginia, holds many stories in history; even a story of my own back in 2012. I had a personal turning point in my life when I spent one week in Richmond. When I arrived after a 3 hour drive, I noticed how urbanized it was. Many big buildings together; very city like. Made me think of how much we have evolved as a nation. But it wasn’t always like this. Back in the 1860’s this city was in total ruins due to the Civil War.


Peace Treaty between Natives and King of England (1677)

Richmond has been the capital of Virginia since 1780 because it is in the heart of Virginia. Its location along the James River and east of the mountains allows for good transportation and natural resources. Richmond was an early sight for making peace with the natives to the west. However, its location has also made it a central point of conflict in our history.

During the Revolutionary War, Richmond held many important events. Patrick Henry famous speech “Give me liberty or give me death!” was delivered at Richmond’s St. John’s Church. One year later the Declaration Of Independence was adopted by the second continental congress.


The city served as a vital source of weapons, supplies, and transportation for the Civil War. On April 2, 1865 there was an event that was named Evacuation fire. Retreating soldiers were ordered to set fire to bridges, the armory, and warehouses with supplies as they left. The fire spread out of control, and large parts of Richmond were destroyed. Many people who died during this period of time were buried in Hollywood Cemetery, and 5 other cemeteries in Richmond.

In my personal history in Richmond, I experienced a time of healing. I got to meet people just like me. I found it interesting when we all landed in the same place. We each had our own different story, a different past, but somehow all ending up in the same place, at the same time. Richmond was a turning point in my life because it opened many doors and windows in my life. Opened windows about me that no one knew. Which opened up a new path in my future; new information.