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On two special occasions I had the chance to ride along with the Fairfax County Police Department.  On April 4th and May 2nd, I was able to ride along with officer K. Bryant on the day shift, which starts at 5:30AM. And with the help of Mr. Newman our Mountain View security staff I was able to have another chance to ride with the department on the evening shift with officer B.T. Buracker.

 My experience on both ride alongs was better than expected. The best feeling came when citizens asked the officers who I was and why I was with them.  Hearing the officers respond, “he is with me, he is my partner today” felt good. For many years since I could remember,  I have looked up to police officers.  Being able to ride with them and spend a full shift and be called a partner meant a lot to me.  A ride along can be fun and a great way to experience what being in law enforcement is all about.

But the job is risky. On both rides I was reminded the danger we faced being out on the streets. At any time our day could change. When you’re a police officer your office is your vehicle and your motivation is what drives you. A lot of people take the perspective that cops are lazy, that they are mean and that all they want to do is ruin your day. But let me tell you I personally witnessed how hard and tiring it is to be a police officer.   They are sworn to fight for you and protect you. Sure there are cops out there that misbehave and treat people wrong. But you could go anywhere and be treated like crap; at a restaurant or the hospital, the reality is that we are all humans and we all make mistakes.  The truth is that Police Officers are here to protect us and keep us safe. My advice for those who judge officers would be to talk to them and get to know them.

            If you are interested in doing a ride along then visit your local police station and ask for a ride along form. Return it within a week of the date you wish to ride. Even if you can’t participate in a ride along, we are having a former cadet program officer come to Mountain View to talk to us on May 14th.  As a former student of Mr. Newman, they will give us an inside look at what the program offers and also the great benefits that being in law enforcement provides.

For more information on the cadet program please visit the link below.