Rope Burns



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Rope Burns is a realistic book with a series of short stories  written by FX Toole. The short stories are all based on boxing trainers and their boxers. A very famous story from Rope Burns is  Million Dollar Baby. Million Dollar Baby is about a young girl loves to box; she starts from the bottom working at a small coffee shop trying to get a chance. She hears about a famous trainer and tries to reach out to him for training. At first he does not want to train a female then changes his mind. Later they become closer as her talent level sky rockets. Her whole life is changed when she is in the boxing ring and becomes paralyzed.

I think The Monkey Look was very great, story. For me it offered a life lesson that you should not trust every person you meet. After reading The Monkey Look I came to the realization of human nature and how people will do anything for self preservation. Another interesting thing from the book for is why the main character Hoolie was willing to double cross his cut man for money. In reality, to even win the fight at times, you need a good cut man  to stop the bleeding which could help you win and earn more money.

Another great story Written by author FX Toole is Million Dollar Baby. Million Dollar Baby in my opinion was a very tragic but profound story. It was amazing to me how deep Maggie and Franks relationship was. It was great that Frank gave Maggie a chance of a life time to train and become a professional boxer. When Maggie attained the goal she had dreamed of to become a professional boxer and lost all of that in one night, I truly admired how caring and passionate Frank was. Frank could have turned his back on her and moved with his fully functioning life like most people would instead he stuck with her to the end which was special to me.

FX Toole is a very gifted writer. He has the ability to paint vivid scenes for the reader to picture while reading. I personally enjoyed his stories and would recommend them to boxing fans and non boxing fans. FX Toole has a unique talent behind the pen.