Russian Parliament set to request €4 trillion in WWII reparations



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Earlier this month members of the Russian Parliament gathered to assemble a task force to evaluate costs for reparations from damages the country suffered by Germany after WWII. This collection would happen after almost 70 years after the war. According to Degyaterov, “Russian satellite East Germany was not liable for the reparations because it and the Soviet Union had a legally binding agreement not to demand reparations. Such an agreement was never made with West Germany, however, and after the USSR’s collapse and the reunification of East and West Germany, the bill for the war should now be footed to their modern successor, the German Federation.”

Degyaterov says that Germany should be liable and that payments should be made immediately as they continue to impose more EU trade sanctions with Russia. The Russian parliament is currently currently arguing that the Reunification of Germany should be recognized as an annexation of Eastern Germany by West German forces after the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989.

What I think Germany should do is give them some liability but not €3-4 trillion as Germany has been asked for money by Greece’s $217 billion rescue package, and Spain’s request for $125 billion. What Russia has on their side to argue is that during the war the Germans killed civilians which was a major part of Russia’s population; Not only that but also destroyed 1,710 Soviet cities, 70,000 towns, 32,000 industrial sites, and a 100,000 farming sites.

Occupation zone borders in Germany, 1947. The ...
Occupation zone borders in Germany, 1947. The territories east of the Oder-Neisse line, under Polish and Soviet administration/annexation, are shown as white as is the likewise detached Saar protectorate. Berlin is the multinational area within the Soviet zone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)