Russian-Ukrainian Tension

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Russia is surrounding the Ukrainian border with military forces, reigniting the tension between the two countries. Putin stated that Ukraine was “created by Russia”, and stated many demands, one of them being that Ukraine doesn’t join NATO. Putin sees Ukraine joining as a threat to Russia. The threat of invasion didn’t sit right with many Ukrainians, and they prepared for the imminent threat. Although Ukraine isn’t part of NATO, many NATO members provided weapons, ammunition, and other supplies to the Ukrainians. Ukraine is calling this a full-scale war. On February 24, Russian troops advanced into Ukraine and are now currently attacking. Many Ukrainians have been ordered to evacuate, and are now on the defensive. Sources say that civilians were provided weapons to defend themselves against Russian forces.Sanctions are being considered against Russia for their actions. Many World Leaders are siding with Ukraine, however they will not send military support as Ukraine isn’t part of NATO. Putin sated  that if anyone tries to get involved, it would “lead to consequences you have never seen in history.” Russia may be subject to World Law enforcement and new sanctions may be proposed.


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