Safe Driving



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A lot of people claim to be the safest driver around while they are simultaneously  texting or under the influence and driving.  Just because you have never been in an accident doesn’t mean you’ll never be in one.  It only takes one second for your eyes to be off the road for something bad to happen.  Even if you are good at controlling your texting or disciplined with your personal judgement, an accident could always be the other persons fault.

DD is short for designated driver, which means the SOBER licensed driver.  The person that comes along and drives all the drunk ones home also knows they would stay sober for the night to be responsible. There are many things you should not do while driving but  I think drunk driving, drug driving and texting are the three of the worst things to do. People lose their life over something so small as answering a text, or having too many glasses of wine at dinner.  If you cant do it with a driving instructor in the car, then you should not do it when you’re alone in the car.

Many people say they could care less about texting while driving. I get a guilty conscience when my phone goes off while I’m driving and I feel tempted to answer it then and there. It is best to realize that it can wait.  I put myself in the perspective of people who lost someone over texting and driving so I wont be tempted to do it. if everyone did that, then no one would text and drive because they would never want lose their sister or mother over someone else’s impatience. There is no excuse to drive under the influence. It is selfish and inconsiderate.

What do you think is the best deterrent from driving under the influence?  The law and its consequences only go so far.  If legal consequences worked then we would not have so many repeat offenders.