lil shmurda

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 Robbery: The action of robbing a person or place

Imagine coming home from a long day and mostly everything that you  have owned is gone.

Imagine your practicing your daily exercise outside and someone disturbs you threatening your life if you don’t give up the items that belong to you.

Sadly too many of us have witnessed something like this. It was 8pm when my brother and his friend jay were just coming home from playing basketball. Two men on a motorcycle stopped outside and got off and walked towards both of them. He thought that it was odd that they should be wearing dark glasses at night. but he blew it off. My brother was about to ask the men what they wanted when both of them drew pistols from their pockets. One pointed a pistol at my brother and the other at his friend. He froze and stared at the pistol pointed at him. He could not believe his eyes. These two were robbers wearing dark glasses to hide their identities! The next moment my brother and his friend were forced to lie face down on the floor. They both realized they were being searched for money and other items the robber might have wanted. Then he heard padding of feet, the sound of a motorcycle starting up and suddenly all was quiet. They both looked up. The robbers were gone.

This event is about a man who was robed on Sunday around 3:20 Am  for his shoes, jacket and cash.

One of the most difficult problems of our society is robbery, especially on the street. The rate of robbery on city street is increasing. Consequently, people must learn how to avoid being robbed.If one does not want to be robbed, he or she should not carry much money or valuable jewelry when travelling. 

  • robbNationwide in 2010, there were an estimated 367,832 robberies.
  • The estimated number of robberies decreased 10.0 percent from the 2009 estimate.

I wish things like this didn’t happen to be people, situation like this really disgust me.
Robbery is horrible and I would never wish this upon anyone.