Salvadoran Easter Hope in the Face of Deportation Fear

Salvadoran Easter Hope in the Face of Deportation Fear


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Easter day in El Salvador is a celebration very different from our country. I am from el Salvador and in my country we call Easter day (semana  santa).  American children have  chocolate in the form of the bunny and egg  and the people go to the church.

In El Salvador they do food and they do beautiful altares in the street. The  the church’s pastor leads people outside to walk through the streets and as he walks past he throws holy water to the altares and he also prays. Then the people go to the church to see God there and to pray to him. After the mass people go home and they cook pescado calzado because people could not eat other meat during Lent.  Instead they only eat fish because they believe that this is symbolic and a type of sacrifice.

It is a tradition from my grandmother that children during holy week couldn’t go up and climb a tree because they would  be in greater danger at this time. But only the Salvadoran Catholics believe this. They have faith in the life and death of Jesus and they have certain traditions from one generation to the next.  This is how they celebrate and each day for one week the people go to the street and pray. They walk from the church to where there is a big holy Cruz. in the altares they do beautiful art and the one altar that is beautiful they give them a award. Also they do beautiful shapes of palm and they take this palm to the church and the father throw holy water.

In the United States today many Salvadoran people will not travel to el Salvador to celebrate this tradition with their family because they will be scared to go there and never return back here to the united stated but their faith will  beat their fear of the deportation.

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Pezcado Calzado
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A recent story was published in the local Catholic newspaper showing how the Catholic Church community is giving support to immigrants.,_legal_help/