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On September 23, of 2016 a police officer shot an African American man in Charlotte, N.C. The police shot him even when he did not appear to be threatening the police. It is sad to say that this has happened so many times in America today.  It is like hearing the same story but in different cities. It is an echo of the sad history of racism in America.

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How many people have been shot by police in the United States this year? 730

How many last year? Last year more than 1,000 people were shot by a police officer.


Safety: The police officer is becoming unpopular in the United States. Every year the use of guns by police officers seems to be increasing. In the last two years more African Americans have been shot by a police officer than ever before. Police action  is failing to make America safe.

Race Equality: Authority is not treating people the same way.  African Americans and Spanish people are treated unfairly.  There is a total of 798 people who have been shot by police this year.  How many African Americans have been shot? 195 How many hispanic? 130- they are 17%     How many white? 391.  See the link below for more details.

Truth: Many African Americans and Hispanics do not trust in the police because they know that their people have been victims of police violence.  Hispanics are disrespected because they know they are immigrants. A police officer will not think two times to do it.

The law and a police officer should treat all equally.  Spanish, African American, Asian, and White peoples. We all together are contributing to help this country to grow up. We all are the same. That is what God said. We don’t have to be killing each other like in Central America where the government is corrupt and gangs have overtaken society. We should help each other to make America a better place. We don’t have to discriminate against any person in this world. We need to have a control.



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