Saul Paul Comes to Mt. View; How will you be the change?

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Saul Paul came to Mt. View today 12/13/2022.  In our histroic theatre he told us about his story and how we can be the change and he will show us the challenge in doing it “Be the Change”.

He included us in his story and he rapped with us as we were reminded of the truth; “calling and hearing…if your mind is right NOW then you shine right NOW, you tight right NOW….NOW…NOW.”  He included us in his rythm and the flow of his message as he allowed us to dance individually and as a group.  What I saw at the presentation today by Saul Paul was intresting. During the presentation I felt intriged to learn more about his story and dificultites in life.

HERE is his website BE THE CHANGE

He invited us to the Red Carpet and talked about body language.

1)  What did you see today?  I have seen Saul Paul telling us his story and how to change for the right reasons

2) How did you feel in the presentation?   I feel like I could relate to him and undertsand where he was coming from .

3) What did you do in the presentation? I was taking notes on how to always think positive and to never give up

4) Can you remember a quote?  What did you hear? “Be the change ” meaning change within youself make better desions and make good  chocies that will help you in life

5) How did it remind you of your POWER and AUTHORITY as a person?  This reminds me to always put youself frist because if we are not right with ourselves then we can not be right for others. Our own happiness and confidence in ourselves is contagious for the happiness and confidence of others.   He told us that real leaders show up with confidence not to have followers but to attract others to that same confidence; confident change in the moment is always positive.   What motivates people is love and respect but we have to get it from the right people in the right places.        -AW

Saul Paul came to our school to teach us, students, about life lessons and that the decisions you make would shape your life no matter where you started in life. I enjoyed the presentation and activities we’ve done. I also learned that there are a lot of things we could not control, but there are many ways we could respond to it which would affect our future.  – RS

From FreeStylin to the Texas 2 Step..ehh...ehh....walk it forward can you walk it back?
From FreeStylin to the Texas 2 Step..ehh…ehh….walk it forward can you walk it back?  SP engaged the people in our Mt. View Family.


It was a life lesson presentation. Life is not the same for everyone and for some people it’s quite hard. Some people faces difficulties with their life in very young age. Everyone goes through with different kinds of trouble in life. And you have to keep going with struggles. Cause there is always great things waiting for you after having a really tough time. People have to fight for life. The more we fight the more we win. And a big part of life is how you show up yourself in front of people or anything. Body language matters a lot. Body language is the use of physical behaviour, expressions, and mannerisms to communicate non-verbally. Non-verbal behaviours can allow people to be at ease, build trust and connections with others. However, they can also confuse others, generate tension, and even create an uncomfortable environment.  You always need to show that you are strong enough and you are prepared for any challenge. Self confidence is a big thing. People without self confidence always stay behind. You have to believe in yourself. And always be kind to others, be helpful. You should never think about only yourself, kind about others, give them whatever you have! Education is most important thing in life. Cause it helps tp reach our goals. Education can make you shine one day.  -FT


Exel on the red carpet with Saul Paul December 13th @ Mt. View
Exel on the Red Carpet with Saul Paul December 13th at Mt. View