Save Your Lungs, Beat The Gums!



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For many years people believed that smokeless tobacco was bad for you, But whats the difference with cigarettes and smokeless. Smokeless is no doubt safer than cigarettes. “But public health advocates disagree about how much safer smokeless tobacco is. One study by London’s Royal College of Physicians found it to be more than 10 times safer than cigarettes.” Both product produce nicotine which its unhealthy as caffeine. The most biggest thing is how do you get nicotine in your system or how does it get delivered in your system, well with cigarettes its smoke which its bad for your lungs, because tar gets build up and make your lungs black which is the most lethal. Smokeless tobacco get nicotine through your savory which it’s not doing much damage to any other body parts but your gums. There are safer ways to get nicotine through patch, inhaler or gum, but they only contain a small amount of nicotine and if you were a smoker then, that was not enough for you. Smokeless has a high amount of nicotine let’s be more realistic smokeless is a best alternative than cigarettes. Sweden has developed a safer, less toxic kind of smokeless tobacco called “snus,” and sales are booming.Swedes have made the switch from cigarettes to snus. Cancer rates, including oral cancer, are on the decline. Since tobacco is unregulated, it would be up to tobacco companies decide what the products contain.

The government should tell the public cigarettes are bad for you and smokeless are less harmful. Plus if they can’t regulate tobacco companies then they have to try to talk to companies and ask them to make smokeless tobacco less harmful and contain less chemical like make it more natural.

My Opinion is smokeless is safer than cigarettes. You have fewer chance to get cancer than cigarettes. Just think about it there been only two case about someone getting cancer from smokeless and they were not 100% directed from smokeless and look around, do you know anyone that use smokeless and has cancer? most likely they don’t. To me smokeless is not bad for you as long you keep your oral hygiene good. That means brush your teeth twice a day one in the morning and one at night before bed. Personally I know people who use smokeless for a long time and they are still healthy. I like to end this with this, If your going to use smokeless tobacco than don’t be complaining that your scared, I’ve seen girls dip so fellas Man up! YEE YEE ‘Merica