School Spirit Days


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Throughout the year many schools host “spirit days” which are days of fun to boost moral in the school.

  • November 14: Twin Day
    • Find a friend and dress up the same.
  • December 12: Crazy Sock Day
    • Just wear a pair of crazy socks.
  • January 16: Pajama Day
    • Wear Pajamas to school (dress code still applies)
  • February 13: Wear Pink and Red Day (for Valentine’s Day)
  • March 13: Wear a College Jersey Day (for March Madness)
  • April 10: Inside Out Day
    • Wear your clothes inside out.
  • May 15: Tie Dye Day
    • Wear tie die
  • June 12: Beach Attire / Surfer Dude Day (for summer anticipation!)
    • Wear beach clothes.