School texting parents; a good idea.



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Imagine getting a text from your sons school stating his attendance, missing assignments, and overall grade. It’ll improve their grade and attendance by a whole lot.

“In a field experiment across 22 middle and high schools, we [sent] automated text-message alerts to parents about their child’s missed assignments, grades and class absences. The intervention reduces course failures by 39% and increases class attendance by 17%.”


Kids go to school to learn is how I look at it. Anything else besides learning in school, they can do outside of school. It seems that it works when parents get text messages about their son’s or daughter’s behavior. Most kids are used to tuning out teachers in school,but will always listen to their parents at home. A notification of their sons missing assignments is a great idea. A parent could easily help their kid with an assignment at home or let their kid know that they have missing assignments. What is most important is attendance. If a kid is not in school he will not learn. its that simple. If a kid doesn’t learn he will not do so well on assignments, quizzes, and tests.

The key to student success has always been good communication between student, parent, and teacher because the parent can always be the first and best teacher if they know what is happening at school.