Seneca Falls Convention 1848



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The Seneca Falls Convention was the first women’s rights meeting, it was held in Seneca Falls on New York in 1848 it was attended by between 200 and 300 people, both women and men. Its primary goal was to discuss the rights of women and let the women has equal rights as the men.

In my opinion this was a good step they did back then because every person in this world isn’t supposed to feel like no one is better than them. Knowing how racism was back then I know it can be harder for people even now, but everyone should keep their head up and not listen to people. Everyone is different but in a unique way. This was a good way to start with something new and let people know racism should be over. Women deserve to be treated equally and not badly.


This was the very first women convection in the United States, In my opinion this was a great thing. Today that us women have equal rights it’s a better world because we can do anything any other person does, and wont get sent to jail or get any consequences. At the end of this meeting for women to gain their right to vote and equal rights, was finally done and now all women have equal rights.

Portrait of Elizabeth Cady Stanton with her so...
Portrait of Elizabeth Cady Stanton with her sons Daniel and Henry, 1848. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)