Sexism in America’s Society

Sexism in Americas Society


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Sexism: prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. Today in modern society, the issue of sexism still remains in workplaces, churches, relationships, politics, and so on. Prescribed gender roles have become more frequent and continue to subject females into a box of what “society feels” we should look like. Sexism reached a peak in the 2000s and has continued to rise since then.

Sexist comments, such as, “football is a male sport, why aren’t you just a cheerleader on the sideline?” are disrespectful but are now thought of as a common role of a woman to be feminine and sweet, while a man does the “harder” things.Women are always put on the sidelines and are expected to walk this straight line of responsibilities and duties, and some women are subjected to men sexualizing them and thinking of them as “it” or “just a pleasure.” Many men calling women, “hoes,sluts, thots, whores,” due to their sexual activity, but males are praised for having multiple sexual partners and they are not subjected to taunting. “Turn the other cheek,” society says, while women are still being seen as sexual objects, and are displayed like shows, for the simple pleasures for men. It is wrong that men get away with wearing clothes that depict a nude woman being grabbed by the neck by a man, as if she is under his control.This is becoming more common in teenage boys, causing domestic violence in early adolescent relationship because they feel girls should listen to them. In some cultures, women fear their husbands because they aren’t able to voice their opinions, and have to follow whatever her partner says, wants, or does.Many women are raised that when a man and woman are united in matrimony, the woman is expected to take care of her husband. Therefore, they raise their daughters to cook, clean, and learn how to take care of kids, and do whatever their husband needs. While he is out working and comes home just to expect a meal and sometimes a cold beer waiting for him. The environment during childhood and adolescent years plays a huge role in the values and morals of young girls, because it has been ingrained in us. Many people are still stuck in the past and the roles that they played back then, which then they pass on to their kids and so on. It is a constant cycle, and that is why there is no change. America is causing women to feel used and  “play” one role in her life. In my opinion, America is afraid to advance, have a revolution, and that fear is what is stopping us from making improvements in our society.

Hillary Clinton has been especially subjected to sexism, because she would be the first female president if she wins the election. Many voters, specifically Republicans, feel she cannot run a country on the simple fact that she is a woman. Trump has used this to his advantage and is constantly stating his opinion on her being a female instead of male, as if he has an advantage. America has only spoon- fed men to feel just as Trump does. In the Election of 2016, I hope Hillary Clinton wins, because America has been stuck in a mindset that is very outgrown and women need to be heard. Another example in politics today, government officials are trying to regulate what women do with their reproductive system, when it is our choice, and our bodies. No one has the right to regulate us. Public figures still to this day, are generally males who believe they are the superior gender. History has been repeating itself. It took many years for women to get the right to vote, and women suffragists fought for their voices to be heard. Women are still fighting for their voices to be heard, because the government feels they have the right to regulate us. As long as fear is placed in those who hold high positions, the fight for women’s rights will never end.

How many assault cases are ruled  “he-said-she-said” because there is lack of evidence, and men feel superior, that when they want something, then they can take it. While the woman, who is the victim, is left traumatized and has no justice or is forced into silence because of her fear. This is allowed in today’s society, and not enough people have brought it to the attention, of the world and government officials. That is why it remains an issue and has been like this for many years. The reform that has occurred is not enough. Last October, members of the Yale University chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity made pledges chant, “No means yes, yes means anal” at an initiation event held at night near a freshmen women’s dorm. Earlier this year, Republicans tried to include language redefining rape into a bill that would ban federal funding for abortions, arguing that the definition should be narrowed to include only “forcible rape.” In other words, it would be the responsibility of the victim to prove that she tried to fight off her rapist in order to qualify as being raped. Another case, last September, a maid in a hotel was assaulted

by a wealthy business man. He was not convicted and he joked that  because of his money she wanted to convict him of rape. The court stated there was “lack of evidence,” and she was left with no justice as he walked out of the courtroom laughing.This display was one more example of the lack of seriousness toward the issue of sexual assault–and of the sexist attitudes that pervade U.S. society. Even as women are told we live in a “post-feminist” era where we’re all equal now, if you do complain, you either “don’t have a sense of humor” or are “turning women into victims.”

In workplaces, men receive a higher pay and praise than women, even if they are doing the same job. Workplaces feel a man’s role is to work and do a better job, regardless whether it is the same as a woman’s job and she has the same credentials as him.  America needs a revolution and needs to advance in their views of women in modern society, because women receive the same education a man does, which means they can do the same exact things men can. Women shouldn’t be thought of as fragile, weak flowers that wilt away with too much pressure. Many women in America who are single, taking care of multiple children, living off of welfare and check- to- check each month, working the same time and energy as male, receive less than men. They have true strength and try so hard to prove their worth, but they receive less than what they deserve in return. The reinforcement of stereotypical gender roles in the workplace need to stop, and the government needs to make a change by enforcing equal payment in all businesses.

It is time for the American people to become more open instead of conservative . History should not repeat itself, and women should not be subjected to how history was in the past. It is 2016, and America has advanced in many different areas socially and economically, but one social issue still remains: a man is no better than a women. We are equals and should be treated as such. No one should discriminate against women wanting to participate in certain fields, careers, or interests. This isn’t the 1900s anymore, we are not your mama, we will not be thought of as an object, and we will no longer fit the box of what a man thinks women should be.