Shooting in manassas; another symptom of the problem of youth violence


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Do you see violence in your community?  Chances are high that all of us can think of a a victim of a violent crime in the past year to 6 months.  Ask yourself; how old was the victim and the suspect?  Are young people more at risk for acts of violence?

Between August 31st and September 1st, 3 people were arrested on conspiracy to commit robbery in Manassas, VA. 18-year-old Terrance Tyrese Martin, 19-year-old Ebelin Jojana Lopez, and 19-year old Seni Jimenez Blanco are the 3 suspects of the case. Police found the body of a 24-year old man with bullet wounds inside the home. There were bullet holes in the front door. Police say the criminals are currently being held without bond.

The Prince William county police of Manassas made the arrest and the case will probably stay within the circuit court. It probably won’t go to any higher courts because the case is already solved.

Some risk factors for youth violence: (look at the link and talk about 3-5 risk factors.)

A report on youth violence from the Surgeon General:  What is the Surgeon General?  Why is youth violence a public health issue that requires education?

Link with a video: what facts are important in this video?  see video on website.

For more information about the shooting, you can click the link below.