Short Film IntroductionVideos

Short Film IntroductionVideos


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7 Things to know about making short films, is an amazing video to help you cultivate your amazing films. The video gives you several steps that will help you make successful and incredible films, or, to be more truthful, help you step by step to make amazing films. So, if you’re ready for it, watch the video. And learn some sh*t.

Here is a video on story boarding to help you in your efforts in making short films. It’s a great video to introduce you to the process of film making. Story boarding is a graphic organizer for creating videos, anime, or short story films. When making a story board you’re putting frames of the most important clips in your video in sequence. The purpose of doing this is to pre-visualize your film or video so that you don’t miss anything while actually making it.

Don’t forget to take notes!!

This is a video on Pre-Production. Pre-production is basically a rough draft on film making. The initial concept is to fix any errors, in your video or film before actually producing it. This video will be a great way to find out steps that you need to take in order to produce a successful film.


These three videos are here to help you gain knowledge that you may or may not know. No one cares if you use them, but you are most likely here to do so. In any case have fun learning and maybe one day I’ll watch one of your short films. I watched them myself, and they really helped me, especially because I’ve never done this before. So have fun and make sure to pay attention to detail.