Should Religious Institutions Have to Cover Birth Control?

Should Religious Institutions Have to Cover Birth Control?


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Birth Control has been around for many years.  It has helped young women with pregnancy prevention as they wait until they are ready and stable enough to bring children in this world. Many people think birth control is responsible for women and young teen girls becoming more sexually active. Condoms are a male contraceptive that most people recommend to sexually active people, but most guys aren’t always ready, and some women don’t see the need to buy them. Birth control comes in many forms, and does not harm you. There are many choices that allow consumers to find one that works for their needs.

In some religions they don’t believe in using any type of contraceptive.  There is a court case in progress at the Supreme Court this week.  The private company known as Hobby Lobby is debating religious freedom and the health insurance policy requirements of Obamacare that Congress passed in 2010 under the Affordable Care Act.  If religious employers with moral objections to birth control are forced to supply an insurance option for birth control to its public employees then they argue that it is a violation of religious freedom.  In this case the justices are trying to answer the question of individual rights for choice as they relate to a business organization.

 Can a private business be viewed in the same way as an individual citizen when it comes to the protection of 1st amendment rights?

If a women is on birth control she is being a responsible employee and citizen in a society that has too many kids with no parents or homes, she is trying to wait until the time is right.  If they never invented birth control, I feel like this world would be a mess due too all the sexually active women and teen girls. Every season would be baby making season. Today birth control exists and there are still so many young girls in high schools getting pregnant, I could only imagine if we didn’t have it.

The beginning of life should not be determined only by Gods grace. There are so many religions that believe in different things, but someone of one religion can’t tell a person of another religion what to wear or what to believe.  So why can the church going employer, not support their employees choices, regardless of their religion?   In some cases the employer is actually a church such as the Catholic church.

Everyone is born equally, if you don’t want to do something that’s fine, but you have no say on another person’s decisions no matter if they work for you. I think birth control is smart for any women who isn’t ready for kids. The Catholic Church and other religious people should see the responsibility in taking it.