Should We Have A Meals Tax?

Should We Have A Meals Tax?


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The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has opened up the debate of a meals tax to the 2016 voter.  Should we have a meals tax that would raise money for county services such as schools and EMS.   They are asking the voter if it would be OK to add 4% to a meals tax in Fairfax County jurisdictions.  This would bring the tax on a meal to about 10%. The 2016 ballot is going to have a question asking all of Fairfax County citizens if they think that there should be a meals tax or not. After the election, they will determine from what the people say and the results will become law.

Almost 90 percent of Fairfax County non-property tax revenues are capped, limited, or controlled by the state. A meals tax would give the County a new source of revenue, which would help diversify the County’s revenue base.  At the maximum 4% tax rate, a meals tax would generate an estimated $99 million per year.

Where would the taxes go? 70% of these taxes would be going towards our Fairfax County Public Schools. The other 30% of our tax would be going to county services, capital improvement and property tax relief.

Do you agree with this new idea of meals tax?

Many people will say yes to this assuming that it is a fair deal. But on the other hand, many might say no because of the current burden of other taxes. Why is it only the meals tax? Yes, the taxes would be going to schools and other services but what if the extra cost to the consumer hurts business and people are laid off or some restaurants close? What  about everything else we have to pay taxes on? Like property, vehicles, housing, real estate, pets and everything. Maybe before you vote yes, you should really do your research on the pros and cons of this new idea.

Want to see what the ballot is going to look like? The link below will show you a good example of what it will be like.

If you vote Yes then you have thought about the potential benefits. One of the benefits include waiters and waitresses getting more tips. The restaurants are making even more profit. As  many of us know, Fairfax County is one of the richest and wealthiest places in this nation. The Fairfax County residence go out to eat all the time so they are prepared to spend money. These people probably have no problem paying a little more for their food. Not only will the businesses enjoy this tax, but the schools will also have a good chance for more opportunity with teaching their students.