Should you Become a Biologist?


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Working with Penguins in the Zoo

Working in The Field with Polar Bear

There are many types of biologist. some work on microorganisms while others study multicellular organisms.There is much overlap between different fields of biology such as zoo, lab and travel. As you see in those pictures above. Also biologist needs training in this field for two to three years, to get more knowledge.

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You will need a strong background in mathematics, chemistry, and advanced critical thinking skills in any biology field.

  • apply scientific rules
  • understand biology principles
  • organize and categorize
  • communicate, electrical, verbally and in writing
  • understand chemistry and apply mathematic rules

Biologist will growth by 14.5 percent from 2010 to 2020.


Chemistry and Physics and mathematics, at lest up to Calculus. Computer,
technical and electrical.

imagesCATFPC12Biologist earn from $57,ooo to 82,000

In my opinion, any one who interested to searches about animal and how their life cycle work, should get this job. It’s interest because working out side in the field for days and month with animal is so much fun. Other reason, biologist who works in field can travel all around the world.