Sickle Cell Anemia



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This anemia affects people of African descent. Some people are born with the defective hemoglobin which means the blood does not carry enough oxygen in the body. The shape of the red blood cells are totally twisted and look like a crescent moon instead of flatish and round. If you have this disease you will feel tired and weak and may look pale.  You can also get sick easily.  When you are tired and weak you cannot go to work because you feel too sick.  Sometime it’s painful.

People with sickle cell anemia could also die. You need to see a doctor who specializes in that kind of disease. The doctor can help you when you don’t eat enough because you lose your appetite. The doctor will also know what type of medicine, like antibiotics, to use.

There are many ways to stay healthy.  For example, eat a balanced diet with healthy foods like vegetables and fruit.  Drink more water and natural juices.   Stay away from sodas!  You should also stay away from people who are sick.  Make sure you get all your vaccinations. You should also not do anything like smoke or drink alcohol.

Take something right away if you start to feel pain. If you wait, it will get worse and hard to go away.  Things you can take are Tylenol or Aleve to relax you for a while. However, if you are really sick you may need a blood transfusion or a specific medication like Hydroxyurea to help you stay better.

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