slavery in libya

Protests in Europe over the slavery of migrants in Libya.

Protests in Europe over the slavery of migrants in Libya.


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I can’t believe this is happening today. Black Africans are being sold like non-living objects in slave auctions across Libya.  Unfortunately,  this isn’t the first time this is happening. This is happening right now!  This story is about modern day slavery in Libya.  I think this should stop.  But believe it or not people are saying different things about the issue. Can you believe some people think this is okay?  Libya was a debt-free and peaceful  country while Kaddafi was in power.  Now it has changed. Now people’s lives are horrific.  We must put an end to this. The UN, EU, Economic Community of West African States, or ECOWAS, need to do something to stop it.  These organizations must investigate about these inhuman activities.  This is happening because of poverty. It appears that we are now going backwards to the oldest days when people had no say in the government. The Libyan government should find and prosecute the perpetrators. If Libya does not, the country should face international sanctions.  This is my perspective because this is barbaric and unacceptable.