Smart Phones Change Life

Smart Phones Change Life


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Technology has changed in many ways and most of the time the new technologies come to us to make our life easier. One of the most significant technological advances brought to us has been the “Smart Phone.” It is easy to see how useful a smart phone is now. Most people have access to one of these devices, so we can use it as a navigator when we are driving. Also it is possible to use a smart phone as window to get news or information from all around the world. Another thing is most of the phones come with a high resolution, full of megapixels cameras to take photos and videos.

First, the method of the integration of the function of GPS on smart phones simplified to travel unfamiliar places. Also it is so helpful when a driver needs to go to a distant place and needs a guide to reach the destination. Basically, the GPS helps us to create a map to find a shorter and better way to reach any place where we need to go. Another advantage of the GPS integration in smart phones is that we have it with us any time we need it. In the past things were so hard. In order to travel, drivers had to use a map to look for directions and when people didn’t have a map with them, they had to go around and ask someone to help which direction to take. In most cases, driving and reading a map was dangerous because drivers had to pay attention to the road and map. Now, it is so easy because the GPS has voice incorporated so it is telling us every single turn we have to take. In this way we have more control of driving and less possibility to have an accident.

Secondly, with the integration of 4G LTE internet connection on smart phones, we have access to the web and can find any information that we need. Also we can use the web to read articles from a newspaper or watch video from network news, local or from other countries. We are getting information so much faster than we used to in the past. Basically, the speed of communication has increased in the last years, thanks to the internet integration on mobile devices. In contrast, in the past when we didn’t have internet connection on smart phones, information flowed so slowly. For example, when someone sent an email to others, the receiver would have to look at his computer if he had one. If the person doesn’t, it would take longer because the person has to go to a place where computers were available. The good point is that now we have a phone in our hand so we get information right away.

Third, now the cameras that are integrated on smart phones are just great with high resolution that takes pictures with extreme precision. The cameras in the phones are advantageous when a person wants to save a moment with just a shot. Another benefit is that we can use the pictures to make public something that is happening. The cameras also can record videos so it provided to people a multiple choice. Now we can all be like reporters when we post pictures or videos to social media platforms; in this way we are letting the rest of the world know what is happening around us. In the past, to have a camera we had to spend a lot of money to buy one, and they were heavy and big. There was an issue because not all the people could have one camera, so the photos and video recording were limited. Now everyone has a smart phone with a powerful camera to record and take pictures whenever they want.

A smart phone changes the way we live and makes life easier. The many tools we find on a phone help us to get a better life. The integration of the GPS helps us to travel. Also, we access the internet constantly to search for news or any information that we need in the moment. Another point is that I think cameras are the doors to publication because we can share videos and pictures. Life without a smart phone would be so hard now because we are so used to this device.