Social Entropy



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We live in a world dominated by entropy. This entropy (or disorder) is demonstrated everywhere: Wars, terrorism, lies, greed, theft, tyranny, corruption and a long list of other reprehensible acts are all manifestations of world-wide entropy. I bring this up because the concept of social entropy encompasses, and lucidly explains all calamities caused by man.

Consider this example: Whenever our rooms are messy and disorganized, we clean them up, and when our rooms return to that clean state, order is resurrected. Now, if you don’t bother cleaning your room, order declines. See the relationship? Order and time are inversely proportional, as time increases order decreases. Obviously if your rooms intact or you have very little interaction with it, yes, the decline of order is hindered, but its still gradually going toward disorder. Entropy is a law of nature that exists/functions everywhere in the universe.

So, apply our room analogy to reality. How do we maintain order in our world, do we keep our room clean? In the aforementioned paragraph, we see that order is obstructed in various ways. Institutions, like governments, were established by humans with the intent to maintain order. Since governments are overarching institutions, sub-institutions are generated to implement/perpetuate the governments (main institutions)  beliefs into its inhabiting society. The institutions longevity is prolonged if the next generation supports it. To ensure such advocacy, these sub-institutions (mainly schools and media) influence individuals to give credence to the establishment.The current fixation of these institutions (power and control)  is contrary to its original  foundation (maintaining order, diplomacy, justice, etc). Logically, if a government is setting money and power as the highest priority, they are letting disorder rein supreme. In America this seems to be the case. Maintaining order and promoting peace should be the primary goal for all governments.

When disorder is unacknowledged, disasters occur and the structure of society decays. Its crucial that everyone is aware of this causality. On this planet, a wide array of volatile people exist. These types of individuals, collectively, pose a serious threat to our society. Crooked cops (for example) have killed/harm a plethora of innocent individuals in the past. Significant matters like this should receive more attention because ignored, these ordeals will proliferate.  If more people did so, maybe victims like Micheal Brown would have never died.

Although unfortunate, microcosms similar to Micheal Browns murder exist everywhere. If cops were to face some kind of repercussion for unjustly killing innocent people, these types of ordeals would occur less frequently. Also know this specific causality, these Ferguson riots would have never occurred if Micheal Brown was never killed. Also, by taking action to end unnecessary violence, entropy is being counteracted.