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10 years from now Facebook is going to dry out but not completely. Facebook is used all around the world. It helps people from countries to communicate with their families in the United States. It is not going to be as important as of today but it will be used. Our generation is going to be interested in other applications as they invent more, but the younger people that are growing up with family members that had Facebook will most likely have an active Facebook account.  Furthermore, little kids from eight and up now have active Facebook account. For example, my little nephew who is eight has an active Facebook account. He uses it to talk to our family in El Salvador. Facebook is going to continue throughout the years, probably not as much as now but it will still have some Active accounts.

facebook (Photo credit: Sean MacEforeign

In the past 10 years life was not the same as it is now. Facebook was an amazing app that everybody had and got on everyday if it was possible. Some people used Facebook because they probably didn’t have a cellphone to communicate with their friends outside school. Other apps like, and Twitter didn’t exist 10 years ago so Facebook was a really helpful app back then. Now most of our generation use Instagram, and Twitter more than Facebook.  Also, most of the generation now has cellphones which involves more in texting than getting on Facebook to send a message. Cellphones are a fast way to communicate with people now than waiting for Facebook to log on.

Facebook privacy really isn’t that useful. When you change your profile or what you call the cover photo and a person that is not your friend on Facebook can see it if they go to your profile. Also, some people say that once your turn 18 years old Facebook deactivates your profile to where everybody can see your photos, statuses, and other stuff you post on your profile. Something that Facebook has is that when you lose a phone and you have pictures you didn’t want to lose; Facebook automatically synchronizes photos in a private place where only you can see them. Also, many peoples Facebook accounts have gotten hacked by other people, and maybe if privacy was really working people wouldn’t be able to do it.

Furthermore, in my opinion Facebook has benefited me a lot. I talk to my family in El Salvador more often than before; I also talk to my friends in TX. and find out how their doing. In personal I don’t get on Facebook a lot unless my family tells me they have posted something for me to see. The Facebook app messenger is like a texting app, but it has all your Facebook friends, so now instead of having to open your Facebook page you can just open the messenger app from Facebook and check out the messages your family and friends have sent you. The messenger app is what I use the most instead of going in to my Facebook page. Texting is what I do more social media isn’t as important to me as it was before. Now I only get on it like two to three times a week.