Social Propaganda

Social Propaganda


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As a human society it is our  responsibility to care for our children and protect them.  The rising tension in the Middle East is due to a hate being taught and preached to children who will grow up and continue this terrible cycle until they are taught otherwise or they have an epiphany.

Social environment can influence your actions. The people that you are surrounded around can impact your decisions. For example if you grow up in a drug and gang infested area you will be more prone to participate in those negative activities because that is what you are used to seeing and encountering. Another example of social environment affect your decisions would be ISIS; they posted photos on the internet of children holding guns and pledging their allegiance to ISIS and threatening America. The environment that you are raised in will impact your future decisions and mindset. These children that ISIS are abusing are innocent children whose immature minds will soak up the hateful environment of ISIS.

I believe that as a parent or guardian or even as a society that cares about the future our job is to ensure that children are surrounded with love and mutual respect. Although no one can control their entire social environment, it is in no case okay ever to encourage, violence or hate. As a human, citizen and person it is your duty to help others in need and show equal love and support for everyone regardless of religious, political or worldly views.  Once as a human race we learn to set aside anger, and hate and encourage love and equality the world will become a better place with unlimited potential.  Forgiveness and mercy is always required to make progress as a society but along with this we have a responsibility to lead and teach by example.