Social Responsibility: We Need to Look Out for Each Other



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Summary: The body of Eloi Vasquez, a freshman soccer player for the California Golden Bears, was found in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, per KTVU in L.A. Vasquez’s family confirmed that he was struck by a car, and his body was found on an on-ramp to Interstate Highway 10.

Vasquez, 19, had gone missing over the weekend and was last seen at a party on the USC campus early Saturday March 29th, per a release from Cal. Victoria Kim and Lauren Raab of the Los Angeles Times reported that as he was leaving the party, Vasquez told friends he was going for a walk but never returned, per a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Core Democratic Values: this article has to do with life, authority

Life: this has to do with life because this young man lost his life.

Authority: This has to do with authority because the police found his body and they also had to inform the parents of the tragedy.

Responsibility: If his friends would have helped him act responsibly by not allowing him to walk away from the party by himself then he likely would still be alive.

Liberty: Any grown man has the freedom to walk away from a party but just because we have the liberty to do something does not always mean we have the authority.

I think it is very sad that he passed away like this he obviously had a good future ahead of him and he was to young to die. I hope that his family gets justice and thy find out who did this and kept going after they hit. Even though this isn’t their fault they shouldn’t have let their friend leave by himself in the condition he was in. This whole incident could have been avoided if someone would have kept him inside or offered him a ride home.

As a democratic society we need to look out for each other.  We are citizens of a social contract that is built on trust.  Sometimes people make mistakes of their own personal judgement but if society is responsible we help people deal with those mistakes and at the very least try to keep people from dying as a result of those mistakes.