Sony Kills Movie “The Interview” : The Echoes of the Cold War

Sony Kills Movie The Interview : The Echoes of the Cold War

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The release of the $42 million movies “The Interview” is canceled because it aimed terrorist threats towards North Korea. The movie makers are very disappointed with this outcome and feel like their rights have been violated. Associates believe that this outcome was a result due to the hackers who called themselves “The Guardians Of Peace” who hacked into our computers. North Korea has completely denied its involvement with the hack. However, an ABC reporter said the hack was routed through computers located in the Singapore, Thailand. Italy, Bolivia, Poland, and Cyprus area. The Guardians of Peace sent a message that included threats, which said that the country would face the same consequences as in the 9/11 attack if the movie releases. The hackers got their hands on super private documents and emails of the Sony Corporation for the past two weeks. Sony company argued that the hackers violated their rights, stole their property, and sensitive materials, all because of a movie they did not like. To prevent the company from a loss, the movie is still going to be released, yet in a delayed timing.

Historical Context:

This current event tells us that the conflict between North Korea and The United States continues since the Cold War conflict of 1950-1953.  Since this time North Korea has been cut off from the west as a Communist dictatorship and the border with South Korea has been the most militarized border in the world.  The land between North Korea and South Korea is still known as the DMZ. Korea has been divided since the second World War, and since the 1950’s we never came along with the North. The question is how far is this going? Because our patience has limits, especially when they hack themselves into our private files because of a movie. The Korean War erupted on June 25, 1950 and the United States responded with a policy of containment as it acted militarily on behalf of the United Nations.  The Cold war was declared  officially over in the early 1990s but we are still hearing echoes of it today.


A Map of the Korean War: The Communist North 





They did the right thing by only delaying the movie and not canceling it. The movie producers spent way too much money on the movie and it is unfair to them to just cancel it. However, it is only a movie, I don’t see where the threat is with a made up movie. Moreover, the fact that they hacked our computers and got to our private information would make them think that this is a solution for anything they dislike, which is not. We on the other hand would be able to make this a big deal because it is. Hacking our computers to access our privacy  in order to threaten us is what is considered a big deal; not a made up movie.