South Korea and US Conduct Naval Drill Near Border With North Korea



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US and South Korea held joint drills this month in Ganghwa island which is near the North Korean coast.  During the exercise, the US and Korean troops infiltrated the territory of the simulated enemy and attacked the designated targets. This exercise was for enhancing combat readiness and coordinated works of two countries’ troops. The drills were never held that close to North Korea before. In January, North Korea said they will not suspend their nuclear tests if the US does not stop the annual drills with South Korea. US disregarded and said “the Communist country keeps offering false choices instead of making real steps toward improving its relations with Seoul and the West.”

It was a bold move for both countries. They could avoid holding the joint training near North Korea but they did it anyway. It could be seen as direct threats to North Korea.  North Korea is already trying to stop that by threatening with the nuclear tests and the U.S is ignoring that saying “stop making bad choices”.  These joint drills also enhanced the cooperation of two allies from the Korean War.  It will be helpful to be ready or counter attack for North Korea’s assault which is unpredictable. Remember, the Korean War never ended, it was a cease fire.

The United States and South Korea do not have the authority to provoke North Korea and start a war but also, they do not have to do all the things that North Korea wants. North Korea is threatening countries with the nuclear development of possible weapons and North Korea is not truthful to its own people and to the world.  This is the current struggle between old enemies representing democracy and dictatorship.