South Sudan goverment fights to gain back control of Bentiu Oil Hub


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A large amount of government troops, and armed vehicles were seen by the people, apparently heading towards the city of Bentiu Oil Hub, to take back control of the city from the rebels. The rebels had invaded the city, killing hundreds of innocent citizens. However the rebels denied the accusations made by the South Sudan government. The battle over this city has been on and off since December. The tension in South Sudan increased since their President accused his fired deputy of plotting against him.  Mr. Machar; the President’s deputy denied all accusations made but contradicted himself and assembled an army of rebels to attack the government. Peace arrangements made last January weren’t effective.  The tension keeps rising for both sides as the UN claimed justice will be served to those who lost family members in this attack.

I understand each side has their reason to achieve their objective.  There’s always two sides of a story but killing innocent victims in the process is just wrong and shouldn’t be acceptable anywhere in the world. I believe justice should be made by the government if the accusations against the rebels are correct. They should come up with a peace plan to end the conflict and violence in South Sudan.

South Sudan. Areas highlighted are claimed areas.

South Sudan. Areas highlighted are claimed areas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)