Southern Heritage Denied

Southern Heritage Denied


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Howard County Md. school for displaying a Confederate flag during a high school football game. The Student unfolded the flag while standing at the top of the bleachers during Glenelg High School’s football season opener against River Hill High School and was forced to take it down.

“Carrying a Confederate flag isn’t illegal, but school administrators can take action against “anything that causes disruption,” Amani-Dove told The Washington Post.”

School officials had to send letter to all parents from both high school. Public displays of the Confederate flag as hate and subjugation and the opposite of the values we hold in Howard County, and in Maryland,  Ulman said in the Monday post.

We must teach our kids why this is such a hurtful symbol to so many people. We must fight against injustice and intolerance in any form, especially at our schools.”  Superintendent Renee Foose said in a statement that the school system has policies that address civility, student conduct and safety, and that “collectively, these policies support a culture that is intolerant of hateful and disruptive behaviors, words, and symbols.”

“The Confederate flag is a powerful symbol of racism, hatred, and unspeakable acts against humanity,” Foose said.


Foose hoped she taught a “Teachable moment” for the district of 53,000 students.  She wanted to make sure they knew socio-cultural and historical contexts of all of their peers, and act in ways that are both honorable and respectful.

In my opinion the confederate flag is not a powerful symbol of racism, hatred, and unspeakable acts against humanity. If yall think that then you need a history lesson. The reason why the civil war started was because of money.  The confederates wanted smaller government like state government and the union wanted a big government like the national government. Yes the confederates wanted to keep slavery but it was not because of race.  It was because they can have more workers.  Think about it, when the war was over and slaves were free many of them had lives that were worse than before the war started.

People who fly the confederate flag are supporting the Southern life  just as any sports fan might support their team.  It is a type of regional pride in America.  Now I know someone is going to say well KKK uses the confederate flag as their symbol. First the KKK used the United States Flag as their flag when the KKK started. Then they decided to use the Confederate flag. Which pissed off a lot of southern people because they fought and worked hard for the confederate flag to be raised in the south and southern people don’t like KKK. Let me tell yall something, people are not born racist, they are racist by how their family raised them and the way they think. So don’t just think every southerner is racist and the confederate flag is racist. There are people from the union that were racist so I don’t want to hear southerners and confederate flag flyers are racist. If you don’t like the southern lifestyle then its okay, just do not make false accusations and comments.

One more thing, there are southerners nearly in every race so I don’t believe the south is racist, so just think about it. Heritage Not Hate.


The link below is an interesting site explaining how American history is not perfect and the American flag is no different than the Confederate flag.