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Are you familiar with the concept of a black market? It’s essentially a discreet underground economy that deals a variety of contraband to people. Whether it be weapons, narcotics, psychotropic compounds, liquor, you name it; the black market has an abundant stock of everything conceivably illegal.

During the 1920’s, alcohol became an illegal substance under the 18th amendment.  Speakeasies were the black market of that era.  Groups of people who rejected the new law peacefully gathered together to drink. One objective was to evoke change in the minds of everyone.  To get more people to believe it’s ridiculous to ban the sale of alcohol. The hope was everyone would see that people would drink nonetheless, therefore it would be futile to enforce such a law. Its called civil disobedience. The collective effort to create change prevailed once again. The end of the prohibition ended with the 21st amendment repealing the 18th amendment.

Alcohol can be a deadly if abused, but humans have sovereignty over their own body and consciousness. Legal or illegal, people will always find a way to circumvent the law which is why the war on drugs has miserably failed.

There are underground markets everywhere that export illegal goods. The surfeit of drugs these markets only exist because of the constant demand for them. Rather than just attacking the consumers, also shift attention towards the source, the hub of the market that’s spreading the product. Without any oxygen, heat, or fuel, the fire extinguishes itself and ceases to exist. In other words, if nobody is buying drugs, the market weakens and eventually disappears. But then again, people have dominion over their body and consciousness. Change will only occur if enough people want and are willing to do whatever it takes to manifest that change.