Spoiled Teen Gets College Scholarship


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Spoiled teen, Rachel Canning, receives a $56,000 college scholarship shortly after unsuccessfully suing her parents for child support back in March. Canning later moved back in with her parents after the failed lawsuit.


In March 2014, Rachel Canning filed a lawsuit against her parents after she ran away from home. Her main reason for suing them was that her parents refused to pay her college if she couldn’t follow their rules. Canning then makes, what seems to be, false accusations against her parents on the way they treat her. The parents said that she moved out because she didn’t want to follow curfew or stop seeing her boyfriend.

In my opinion, this kind of story shouldn’t even make headlines. All that is being spoken of is a spiteful, spoiled teen who felt that she was being treated poorly by her parents who maybe should have disciplined her more as a child. I don’t have details behind her scholarship, nor do I know if she earned it with hard work in school. All I know, is that this story will haunt her for the rest of her life.

After reading a brief description of this story, do you think that her parents were being “unfair?”