The Sport of Muddin’



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OFF ROADING (Photo credit: CARLOS62)


English: Mitsubishi Pajero in off-roading, nea...

The Sport of Muddin’ is when you drive your 4×4 vehicle into the biggest hole of mud that you can find. Muddin’ is when you go so hard through a muddy part of the road you can’t see your own paint job.

The sport of muddin’ requires a big truck or a jeep with a lift kit, big tires, a wench, and a few other small parts that are optional.

Don’t get off-roading and muddin’ confused. Off-roading takes precision so you don’t roll while climbing up some rocks.  Muddin’ is just purely gunning it through thick brush, mud, and large holes in a dirt road.

Muddin’ doesn’t take skill. Anyone can do it if they have a truck or jeep, and they will just to get muddy.

Protip:  Keep your truck/jeep muddy for a while afterwards. 1077974_10201768992695972_1445379762_n1080423_10201768993135983_91736870_nAfter your done goin muddin’ no need to wash your vehicle, just let the mud sit for a few weeks and eventually it will come off, besides your 4×4 looks a lot better with mud all over it. Remeber,”If it aint covered in mud, then it’s just another truck.”