Sports Gives Life Experience

Sports Gives Life Experience


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In the book, Baseball in April, Alfonso is the protagonist. He is a hispanic boy of about thirteen years of age. He lives with his parents and older brother in a house. He daily does sit ups to develop his abdominal muscles. Alfonso spends his days wondering how to get the attention of a girl, even though he has bad teeth. His brother is looking for a girlfriend also.

Alfonso’s parents didn’t have much money because one day Alfonso asked his mother if he could get braces, but his mom said that braces are too expensive. Alfonso had an idea. He tried using his thumbs to push his teeth so they could get straight. Alfonso met Sandra. She was in the same grade as him. They both decided to go on a bike ride, but just before Alfonso was getting ready for the ride, his bike chain broke down.

This is a book that anyone could make connections with it because the book is about sport, and American life style. I really liked this book for many reasons. I made several connections with this book, and it was easy to understand. In the book it talked about the baseball team. Alfonso wanted to be on the team. When I was in my country, I always tried to be better in soccer. I was really serious about becoming a professional soccer player. Baseball in April showed me the value of sports in our lives.