Stand United Together Instead of Fearfully Divided

Stand United Together Instead of Fearfully Divided


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Last month an Indian man got shot to dead in Kansas. It was on Tuesday evening when this horrible tragedy occurred. The suspect walked into the bar and then he started yelling at the victims to get out of his country. After all this happened he started shooting and three people were hit.  Two of them were from India and one was trying to help. One of the victims died.

Witness recalls moments before, after Olathe shooting
This man was murdered because of one racist man in America
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The man on the right was the bar tender that night and he tried to save the victims of hate pictured to his left. In the end the man on the far left was murdered while the man in the middle lived.

This is a the worst discrimination story I have heard recently. Reading about all this makes me think that this country is getting worse just because of peoples uncontrolled emotions and fears of humans that don’t look the same color. I am so disappointed about this suspect because all he did was showing to the people that there are more people like him, who think that people who come from other countries for a better future should be treated so badly. These people in my opinion are very sick and they need help from experts.  We all need to stop and think how it would be if we were in this type of situation.


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This is the man who did the shooting. He said, “Get out of my country” before shooting the two men from India.
Image result for kansas city shooting at the bar
This is the scene of the shooting in Kansas City.


I think this country should be united not divided. The division of this country brings more crimes and more difficulties for those people who came here for a better future. The government should do something before things get worse.  More than the government I think citizens need to stand up and be positive to one another as we recognize that all people have human rights.

Here is an example of what it looks like when we stand united together instead of becoming fearfully divided.