Starpath: Streets that Light Themselves


Starpath lights up a sidewalk at night.


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Daan Roosegaarde has invented a new energy efficient and cost effective way to light streets, highways, and sidewalks without using street lamps at night. His creation? Streets that glow in the dark known as Starpath, now an patented invention by Pro-Teq. Starpath wasn’t given that name for just any reason; the spray makes sidewalks literally look like you’re walking on a beautiful path of stars. Starpath is a water resistant, quick drying spray that is coated over a solid surface which is intended to be illuminated in the dark. It works by absorbing the sun’s ultra-violet rays in the day time, storing the light energy, and leaving a sparkly-blue glow which lights up like “stars” at night. This allows people to see the road and sidewalk that they’re traveling on at night without the help of lights.

“Pro-Teq Surfacing is literally on track to light up the world with its amazing invention for illuminating paths and roadways.” 

– Chairman of the Judges for the GBE Awards

Example of how bright easy it is to follow a sidewalk sprayed with Starpath.
Example of how bright easy it is to follow a sidewalk sprayed with Starpath.

The purpose of Starpath is to enhance visibility at night without the use of streetlamps, making for a potentially money saving alternative to high-cost streetlights. This will be a great way to help the governments cut costs that have been thinking about removing nightlights all together. On top of that, Starpath is also environmentally friendly because its light is produced by storing the sun’s daytime UV lights. Unlike major road reconstructions which can take months, Starpath only takes 30 minutes to apply on the desired surface, and is dried and ready for use in less than four hours. Talk about a time savor. Starpath is currently under a series of final tests and has already started being used in the Netherlands as apart of its “Smart Highway” program.  It’s only a matter of time until Starpath is put to use!