Stop littering your killing the enviroment!

Stop littering your killing the enviroment!


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Everyday people litter more and more making our environment worse and worst. This planet was not meant to be trashed on but

The flukes of a sperm whale as it dives into t...
The flukes of a sperm whale as it dives into the Gulf of Mexico (courtesy NMFS) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

it still is everyday making more problems and consequences. The consequence on July 29, 2013 a 13.5 meter young sperm whale was found dead washed up Tershelling, a northern island in the Netherlands with plastic found in it’s stomach being its death. Also in  March of this year, a 10 meter long sperm whale washed up on Spain’s South Coast. This whale had swallowed 59 different plastic items totaling over 37 pounds. Can we really have these things like littering into the ocean have all these unfortunate events happen to these young whales are supposed to live for a very long time. There are plenty of different species and environments being trashed by littering of plastic and what not and there needs to be change we live on this planet also so lets take care of it. The government needs to step in and enforce stronger laws and things that will help stop littering to help out environment out. Watch the video of of Bird nature Plastic vs. Nature its really touching for those who want to make a change for this environment.