Strange Radio Bursts From Deep Space

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Astronomers caught a rapid stream of radio burst coming from a galaxy about three billion light-years away.

Radio burst is a high-energy astrophysical phenomenon of unknown origin made known as a “transient radio pulse lasting only a few milliseconds”. Scientists don’t know what powers them, but they do know they are coming from far away and occasionally from sites with fantastically strong magnetic fields.

The group of Scientists named Breakthrough Listen Project made the discovery, because they are good at knowing where to look and they have the technology. The scientist group uses the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. West Virginia is home to the largest fully steerable telescope in the world.

Radio bursts are not new to the astronomers but this one (FRB 121102) is special because it is the only one known to play on repeat, and the only burst with a known home galaxy. FRB 121102 made the first radio burst on November 2, 2012, two more on May 17, 2015, and eight more on June 2, 2015.

A much more questionable idea is that the burst might be directed energy source from extraterrestrial civilizations. Should the government be involved more in this space events? Do you believed in extraterrestrial civilizations living billion light-years away from Earth?

According to NASA scientists:

The findings open the door to studying an entirely new class of eruptive cosmic events and can also help with cosmology mysteries, for example, about the nature of matter in the universe.

By studying how the radio waves have been slowed, scientists can better understand baryonic matter, the material that gets in the way. Baryonic matter is what makes up people and planets and everything you see. The rest of the universe consists of mysterious substances called dark matter and dark energy.