Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness


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Tragic Story of Local Suicide

Suicide is a very touchy subject that a lot of  us do not like to talk about.

Suicide is the act of taking ones own life. In Woodbridge, VA this weekend two teenagers who were reported missing were found dead in a van. They both suffered from stab wounds and their deaths were ruled a double suicide.

I believe that schools should put more emphasis on suicide prevention. I believe that a young person should never have to feel like they are so alone to the point think they should take their own life. Suicide will always be a very difficult thing to understand. A lot of things may cause stress in the lives of young people today;  peer pressure, fitting in with others, academic stress, home life, and relationships.

Parents should be directly involved in their childrens’ lives and offer emotional support regardless of the decision that there child has made to avoid these feelings of lonesomeness and depression. Unfortunately families are not always able to see a crisis and this is why public institutions like schools need to educate and take on the role of a caring family.  Suicide is so hard as it causes much suffering for all affected.  I think as a community we have to support each other more on a personal level without being afraid of our emotions. Unfortunately many people who feel depressed or suicidal complicate the situation by turning to drug addiction in order to cope.  It is drug addiction awareness week in our schools which should allow us all to become more sensitive to this social crisis affecting the lives of too many.

If you are suffering from depression, stress or contemplating suicide please talk to your school counselor or call the 24/7 Crisis hot line at 202-552-hope or 1 800 SUICIDE visit the website at

It is important for all of us to feel validated , wanted and accepted and we should all become more aware of how we are treating others and helping others.