Suicide Forest

Suicide Forest


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The Aokigahara forest in Japan is one of the most visited places by tourists.

Japanese spiritualists believe that the suicides committed in the forest have stained Aokigahara’s trees, generating paranormal activity and preventing many who enter from escaping the forest’s depths. Complicating matters further, there is a common experience of compasses being rendered useless by the rich deposits of magnetic iron in the area’s volcanic soil. It’s really hard to get signals from the mountain.

Some say that the spirits of the unknown are still there, latched onto the forest, attracting tourists and visitors into the forest to commit suicide. Its a negative energy attached to someone. The dead looks for darkness in you and feeds from it, making you another victim.

The forest has really impacted Japan. Each year, the amount of suicides keep increasing from a couple hundred to thousands. Don’t get me wrong, this forest is beautiful, big, and contains many trees. Its like a crazy loop of wonderland. The next time you think of going on a trip, why not consider going to Japan to see the forest and experience something you have never experienced before.