Syria’s stubborn dictator promises more bloodshed.

Syrias stubborn dictator promises more bloodshed.


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Is Bashar Al-Asad on the same side as terrorists? Or against them? Its hard to tell at this point as Bashar Al-Asad pledges more bloodshed in his home country, Syria. The Syrian government intends to escalate military operations to end the five year “rebellion” against the rule Bashar, he stated that bloodshed will not end until all areas of Syria are controlled. This has come after indications that Russia will reengage in the war in support of Assad, Russia tripled the number of airstrikes within the last four days, Assad made some comments at his Damascus parliament suggesting that him and his allies are preparing for a full scale resumption of the war.

This war has been going on for too long at this point and other countries need to step in if there is to be change in Syria. Five years of constant killings and bloodshed,  Assad is still planning on restructuring his military operations which has killed more civilians than anybody else. In order to move in the right direction , the first steps are removing Assad from power and this starts by the support of neighboring countries in order to achieve one goal, restore peace in Syria.

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