Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership


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In most schools the leader is the principal and teachers feel pressure to get their students to pass the test.  Schools are part of the local public government and the decisions for how to run schools are often made by people who do not even visit the schools.

Principals should take more responsibility about their leadership. Students must study harder to become successful, and they should also know what they want in their future. It seems impossible to believe that teachers are willing to do extra work after their work hours. Teachers are not paid to teach after school although many of the best teachers are willing to leave some of their free time to deal with students’ problems. School leaders, said that their jobs have become too complex and harder because they have to deal with so much responsibility.  Schools have reported that students are more likely to attend to school when teachers work together and are encouraged to share ideas in order to help them improve.

“Unfortunately, as researcher Mark Smylie pointed out in a 1990 article in Educational Administration Quarterly, while teachers in the United States have been “looked to with increasing regularity as agents of school and classroom change,” the stark reality is that their leadership is recognized only when supervisors either “anoint” or “appoint” them.”

The concept of delegated leadership is not new. Yet the practice of this distribution assumes a principal or other school leader (not a teacher) is the source of authority.  The principal then delegates or shares authority to make specific decisions or gets rid of  many personal instructional and administrative tasks by asking others to do it. Sometimes all this does is make teachers busy.  Teachers need time to listen to each other and for school leadership to listen to them.


What will help students more in the future?  Good teachers need to be given time to become leaders of schools as a team.

I admire teachers in general because they are like a second parent for me. Good leadership begins with good teachers so teachers should be given more chances to lead schools. I love the way they care about me. Although is not always true, principals are more likely to give the hardest job to teacher. I notice teachers giving their best when they want students to improve their education. I as a student value the effort my teachers made when they gave me advice about how to improve my education.