Team Reveal (more detailed)


Dannia Contreras

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SO, we got our teams about a week ago, I didn’t get the chance to talk about it on here because since then we have been super busy doing team building activities and preparing for our first round projects. ANYWAY….

We had a really cool Harry Potter themed team reveal, It started out by everyone going to the gym and we saw scattered envelopes all over the floor. Then, we were all instructed to go around and look for our names. Once we found it there was a really cute Hogwarts-themed acceptance/invitation letter.

In my letter it told me to go to Rice 9, where the “sorting hat” took place. We all got “sorted” by a color written in invisible ink that needed a black light to be seen on the corner of the ticket we got. Then, we had to look around for a York chocolate, a picture of a dog, and a picture of astronomy. With that we got told to come upstairs to the Rice lounge and meet our team leader.

This is when we found out that our team is Oak 1! My team is really cool so far AND my roommate is one of my teammates!