Teen Dead After Bully Attack

Teen Dead After Bully Attack


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A seventeen year old student named Naira Cofreces was beat up after her night class in Argentina on Wednesday, April 23,2014 at 10 p.m. She was jumped by two of her classmates and one unknown adult. The suspects are 17,22, and 29. They have all been arrested and currently are in custody. Days before the attack took place, there was an altercation with the two classmates and the victims friend who is unidentified because she is a minor. The two classmates said that the victim and her friend would walk around like they were models and thought that they were more beautiful than everyone else. After that there was tension between the two groups. About a week after the altercation Niara was attacked. After the attack,  Naira was able to make it home in her bed. The next morning she did not wake up and was rushed to the local hospital. Doctors said there was hematoma on the left side of her brain and serious bruising through out her brain. They had to do two surgeries but on the second one there were complications and Naira was pronounced head on Sunday night.


This is one of the most cruel and unfortunate stories I have heard in a while. I am livid at the fact that this seventeen year old student died because of her beauty and the way she walks. That is jealousy to a whole different extent. These criminals should not get anything less than life, especially the 29 year old because she did not go to do the school nor did she have anything to do with the altercation. I feel as if this was premeditated and was carried out the way they wanted it to go. Extreme consequences are needed soon in order for justice to be served.

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